Month: April 2014

Beautiful Glass Hummingbird Feeder

This beautiful handblown Glass Hummingbird Feeder is designed be stunning not only for us but also to attract those little hummingbirds to your feeder. The red flowers that surround the 4 feeding ports are used to attract passing hummingbirds. It features a stopper in each feeding port to keep the sticky nectar from dripping onto […]

Beautiful Freestanding Victorian Bird House

This is a MUST have for any bird lover out there. I absolutely fell in love with this bird house and your favorite birds will too. They look absolutely amazing hanging out at this bird house! You will thoroughly enjoy watching your bird friends come and go from this stunning bird house. This could also […]

Love Shack Decorative Bird House

Very cute bird house for small sized birds.  Give your birds their very own “Love Shack”.  This is a cleaver little bird house that looks great in any yard or garden.  You can put this on a stand or suspend from a tree, whichever you choose.  This decorative bird house would also make a great […]

Fun Camper Bird House

Very fun addition for your flighty friends to get cozy in.  Great addition to your yard, deck or garden to have a fun place for your birds to call home.  Great pricing and comes with everything needed to hang right away.  This fun bird house is something different for your yard.

Gorgeous Handblown Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Absolutely stunning when this Hummingbird Feeder is out in your yard! This feeder is designed to attract hummingbirds to your deck, yard or garden, literally where ever you hang it!  There is an artistic twist of red to attract the Hummingbirds, which also are the tubes which feed your birds.  This feeder is very easy […]

Unique Moon Shaped Bird Feeder

This unique bird feeder brings a new element to any bird enthusiasts yard.  Crescent shape allows for easy perching and eating for your feathery friends. Beautiful Ventetian bronze finish makes this feeder really look great in any garden or yard.  This feeder is extremely easy to hang and also fill. Also, hold 4 lbs of […]

Awesome Sip & Seed Bird Feeder

  This extremely awesome, extremely affordable copper bird feeder is also going to double as a drink station as well.  Your birds are going to be able to get all the seed they want to eat and then hop right over to your water station.  This is really neat and brings a ton of birds […]

Woodstream 351 Squirrel-Be-Gone II

This squirrel proof bird feeder is a great addition to any bird lover’s paradise.  A great price and works great to keep your seed free from critters! Absolutely worth picking up, I would suggest 2 of these because they are a steal for the price! The Birdscapes Squirrel-Be-Gone II Wild Bird Feeder features a beautiful […]

Homestead Super-Stop-A-Squirrel

USA made, this Super Stop_A-Squirrel, squirrel resistant bird feeder holds 11 lbs of seed! You are not going to be refilling this one nearly as much as the ones you are used to. This bird feeder comes with mounting clips so you can put on a post or tree. Also, can purchase an additional pole […]

Gardman Cage Bird Feeder

If you’re constantly battling  with a squirrel, then this Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder is for you. It’s guaranteed to stop those thief’s from stealing anymore of your seed. When a squirrel attempts to climb onto the feeder, the cage slides down, blocking any food from coming out of the holes.  The feeder has 2 perches […]