Awesome Sip & Seed Bird Feeder


sip and seed bird feederbuy squirrel-proof bird feederThis extremely awesome, extremely affordable copper bird feeder is also going to double as a drink station as well.  Your birds are going to be able to get all the seed they want to eat and then hop right over to your water station.  This is really neat and brings a ton of birds to your feeders!

Birds need water as much as they need food, and by providing both, your yard becomes a more welcoming place for birds. You will be able to attract birds such as warblers and swallows since they will only come where water is available. This Unique bird feeder comes with 2 silos, one for seed and one for water.
During extreme cold temperatures you can use both with seed to prevent damaging your feeder with freezing waters.  Each side will hold either 1.15lbs of seed or 22ounces of water.
Comes with 2 silos and a hanger.
buy squirrel-proof bird feeder