Homestead Super-Stop-A-Squirrel

homestead stop a squirrel -

USA made, this Super Stop_A-Squirrel, squirrel resistant bird feeder holds 11 lbs of seed! You are not going to be refilling this one nearly as much as the ones you are used to. This bird feeder comes with mounting clips so you can put on a post or tree. Also, can purchase an additional pole to post anywhere. There are springs that adjust to close feed ports to restrict squirrels and large birds. The large window will allow you to easily view the amount of seed that is left in the feeder. Extremely easy to fill and to clean.

It’s quite entertaining to watch the repeated attempts on the part of the squirrels to access the seed to no avail.

  • Holds up to 11 lbs of mixed seed
  • Patent Remov A Bin makes it easy to fill
  • Feeder hangs or mounts

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